Storytelling Campaign

GrassRoots On-site Work Storytelling Campaign

This summer, GlobeMed is inviting all advocates for grassroots change to share their stories from the field through our #growtogether campaign!
Why Grow together?

GlobeMed believes that relationships are at the heart of change. We believe that global health equity can only be achieved through forming deep human connections that provide diverse perspectives, complementary skills, and reciprocal growth.

Through #growtogether, we hope to document and share stories of how relationships — people’s shared conversations and experiences — can catalyze progress towards health equity.

GrOW TOGETHER (#grOWTOGETHER) Campaign Guidelines
You can communicate your story in one of three ways: through a written story, a photo story, or a video. Here are our short form and long form guidelines:
Short Form Story Guidelines:
  • Written story:  500 – 800 words
  • Photo story:  6-10 captioned photos
  • Video:  1-3 minutes
Long Form Story Guidelines:
  • Written story:  801 – 1200 words
  • Photo story:  11-20 captioned photos
  • Video:  3+ minutes
  • Describe a time when collaboration sparked progress.
  • Use a story to answer the question: why partnership?
  • Tell us about a meaningful relationship that has driven your commitment to social change.

Post a link to your story on Twitter and Facebook using the #growtogether and don’t forget to tag @GlobeMed. If we really love your post, we will reach out to you for permission to re-post your story on the GlobeMed Blog.

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