Meet the team! (let’s go oldest to youngest)

Hey, I’m Evan (in the green on the right)! I just recently graduated from DU after studying biology and psychology with a minor in chemistry. I spent the last two years of my undergraduate career with GlobeMed, but only after transferring from another university in North Carolina, and I can honestly say that joining this wonderful group of people has shaped me more in the past two years than any other period in my life. Being a part of the GROW team over the past several months and in the upcoming weeks means the world to me, and I am so excited to see what we can accomplish. So far we have met with several of our partner organization’s (BSDA) directors and staff members to address some of the upcoming challenges that we will face, but I am confident that this team will meet those and many other challenges head on because we are a group of passionate, dedicated, and ambitious individuals.


For those of you not fluent in Khmer, that means hello. I’m Mason (in the orange). I will be a senior next year at DU majoring in biochemistry and French. I’ve always been interested in helping people and am incredibly honored to represent DU’s GlobeMed chapter of GlobeMed here in Kampong Cham. After our first couple of visits with the BSDA staff I can tell we are going to have a very productive visit, and I can’t wait to realize the potential of our new project, Financing Futures.

Chomreabsour! My name is Cara (I am wearing the Denver shirt in the photo). I am the GROW Coordinator for the 2015-2016 year and couldn’t be more excited to be here in Kampong Cham, Cambodia! I have already fallen more in love with this country with every passing minute. I am entering my junior year, majoring in biology and psychology, spending this upcoming fall quarter studying abroad in Dunedin, New Zealand. After several months of Skype-ing with BSDA and only a few days in the office with the staff, I am astounded with the outpouring support BSDA initiates into the community. In these next four weeks, I look forward to meeting with the beneficiaries of Financing Futures and the Chicken Raising Project! Leuktukchet!

I’m Peter (in the grey in the middle), and I will be a sophomore at DU studying psychology. The past few days have been not only surreal, but have offered a glimpse about what the rest of our journey in Cambodia will look like. From meeting several times with our main point of contact, Vandong, to discussing a multitude of issues about our current project and developing an extensive list of survey questions for the beneficiaries of our new project, these first few days have been phenomenal. I’m so excited for what the rest of our time will entail.

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