We are five students from GlobeMed’s chapter at the University of Chicago, heading to Peru from 8/26-9/21 to visit and work with our partner, ASPAT-Peru, a local NGO that works to educate and empower Tuberculosis (TB) patients in the Lima metropolitan area. A little bit more about each of us and our goals for the trip:

Isabella Pan
My name is Isabella and I´m an incoming 3rd year at the University of Chicago, studying Comparative Human Development. I´ve been a part of GlobeMed since the beginning of my first year, and I´m so excited to finally get the chance to meet our wonderful partners at ASPAT in person!  In the upcoming academic year, I will be working as the Director of Community Building to help build a close-knit family within the GlobeMed at UChicago chapter. I can´t wait to bring back our experiences and lessons learned to the rest of the chapter, and I think this trip will prove to be an excellent opportunity for us to strengthen our connections with our partner, ASPAT.

Aliya Moreira
My name is Aliya, and I`m the incoming Internal Co-President of GlobeMed at the University of Chicago. I am a rising senior this year, and majoring in Biology and Psychology.  After working as Co-Director of Campaigns this past year and as a Campaigns team member for the two years prior, I wanted to go on GROW to see the impact that our partner, ASPAT Peru, is having with the funding that we provide.  I`m excited to learn more about our partner and to find new ways to support them in order to help increase their impact and strengthen our relationship. On this trip, we hope to help ASPAT develop a new system of monitoring and evaluation for their core programs.  Were also working to collect videos and images from our trip in order to best share our experiences with our chapter and the University of Chicago campus.   

Richard Wu
Hi, it’s Richard, part time Public Policy and Latin American Studies (‘19) double major; full time Director of Partnerships. I signed up for GROW because in my experience the proliferation of global health is only possible through the empowerment of local systems. Thus, by working closely with our partner ASPAT, we hope to realize a variety of expectations, namely developing a management and evaluation program for their core Charlas program, and preparing to launch our social enterprise conception, Movimuestras, a test sample transportation system for public health centers. Our experience in Peru will be invaluable moving forward. While three weeks is not enough to fully realize the grand environment in which ASPAT operates in, it’s a start to framing these knowledges to build the groundwork for an even stronger partnership.

Ayling Dominguez
My name is Ayling and I’m an incoming 2nd year at the University of Chicago, graduating 2019. I plan on majoring in Global Studies and minoring in Human Rights. I joined UChicago’s GlobeMed chapter at the start of my first year as a general member and have mainly been a part of the ghU team, presenting on global health issues and current events to our chapter. I’ve also done work with our Partnerships team and plan on being more involved in that sector in the coming year, especially after gaining some valuable time and experience with our partner on GROW. I wanted to go on GROW because I thought I would be a good asset to the team, seeing as I am a native Spanish speaker and our partner organization is located in Callao, Peru, and only speaks Spanish. Moreover, I really wanted to dive in and learn more about how our partner works and play a larger role in our partnership work. I’m most excited for being able to meet our partner and bring so much back to our chapter, they’re always asking for more stories and experiences and information! I’m also really excited to travel to South America for the first time and be immersed in Peruvian culture, which may also help in making our partnership ties closer — our team’s main goal.

Shamini Nair
Hi! I’m a rising junior at the University of Chicago, pursuing Psychology and Public Policy. I’ve been involved with producing short films capturing the work of our GlobeMed chapter and I will be involved as Director of Communications in the coming year. I look forward to GROW enabling a more tangible relationship with our Peru based partner, ASPAT. I’m excited to learn about the dynamics of our partner’s work on the ground and share these experiences with the rest of our chapter!

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