The Tufts GlobeMed chapter’s GROW team just arrived in Nepal, where we are working with our partner organization PHASE Nepal. We will be spending approximately five weeks in the village of Rayale learning about PHASE’s education and health initiatives. We will spend the bulk of our time, working in two separate schools: Shree Shanti Niketan and the Bhalchandra schools. On either end of this time in Rayale, we will be spending some time working in the PHASE office, just out of Kathmandu. Here’s some information about this year’s GROW team!

Kellie Chin
Year: 2018
Major: International Relations Global Health, Pre-Med
Why GROW: I love that GROW is giving me the opportunity to learn about the work of our partner organization first hand. This is an invaluable experience and I will carry the lessons I learn from PHASE with me for the rest of my life.
What I’m most excited for: Immersion into Nepali life! I cannot wait to be completely surrounded by something so different than what I have ever encountered before.

Colette Midulla
Year: 2018
Major: International Relations, Peace and Justice Studies
Why GROW: Gaining a better understanding of how our partner organization operates is so important for maintaining a true partnership!
What I’m most excited for: Seeing PHASE in action! I’m really excited to learn more about grassroots NGOs and the power they have to make change. I’m also excited to be immersed in Nepali life and discover such a new part of the world!

Kiley Pratt
Year: Class of 2019
Major: Cognitive Brain Science
Why GROW: Since studying in Nepal during my senior year of high school, I have felt a close connection to the region and was excited to discover Tufts GlobeMed’s partnership with PHASE Nepal. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to return, as well as experience new areas of the country, learn more about sustainable development, and strengthen the connection between PHASE’s work and on-campus activities.
Most Excited to: Learn about the practical application of health and developmental work in a sustainable context, as well as eat Bhaktapur yogurt again

Nick Roberts
Year: Class of 2017
Major: Biochemistry, Spanish
Why GROW: A cool opportunity to not only do global health work that I’m very passionate about but to also bring our experience and stories back to Tufts and our GlobeMed chapter to better advocate for global health and PHASE Nepal’s work
What I’m most excited for: I’m excited to see the state of our community after the earthquake and the amazing relief efforts that PHASE has done in person.

Jenna Sherman
Year: Class of 2017
Major: Community Health, Peace and Justice Studies
Why GROW: GROW is an incredible opportunity to learn firsthand about how an NGO works in Nepali society, as well as how health intersects with many other areas of life such as education and livelihood—an integral part of PHASE Nepal’s model.
What I’m most excited for: To see on the ground the work that PHASE is doing in post-earthquake relief and how we can best further our partnership with them in a sustainable way that benefits most. I’m also excited to learn more about Nepali culture and people in general and bring all of our experiences gained back to the entire chapter.

Most important goals for this year’s GROW team:

  • Develop a strong Partnership Action Framework (PAF). Because of the last year’s earthquake, this is our first GROW trip in two years, so reaffirming our relationship and rewriting our PAF in person will be of the utmost importance.
  • Work on communicating PHASE’s work to the GlobeMed community at Tufts in a way that furthers the partnership and mission of both organizations.
  • To successfully carry out what PHASE asks of us and continue building a strong and lasting relationship with them.

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