Amie Idriss, GROW Coordinator

GWU Class of 2018 – B.S. in Public Health


Why did you want to go on GROW? 

GROW sets GlobeMed apart from other public health-focused organizations because it gives students the opportunity to see our partner organization in action, which strengthens our relationship and leads to a healthier partnership. I wanted this experience so I could gain a better understanding of Set Her Free’s assets and challenges and bring back new knowledge and energy.

What are you most excited for on GROW?

The opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture is exciting. GROW will be four weeks of listening and learning as much as possible, of having an open mind, experiencing life as others do, and going with the flow.

What are your team’s biggest goals for GROW? 

First and foremost: understanding. We want to directly interact with the beneficiaries and staff at Set Her Free to learn more about how the organization operates day-to-day. Being on the ground adds a layer of depth that we cannot get solely through email or Skype updates. Next is action. We want to be engaged while we are on GROW and participate in all aspects of Set Her Free so we can accurately evaluate the projects we have established and supported. Last is direction. We want to leave with finalized plans for the upcoming year and ideas on how to continually grow.

Adam Ricker, Logistics

GWU Class of 2019 — B.A. in International Affairs


Why did you want to go on GROW?

I wanted to learn more about public health and actually make an impact somewhere else in the world. I felt like GROW provided me with both of these, as well as giving me an unforgettable experience.

What are you most excited for on GROW?

I’m excited for the opportunity to work on the ground with the partner organization Set Her Free. My major is international relations, but I’ve only been out of the country one other time. I’m excited to use this opportunity to learn as much as I can about another culture.

What are your team’s biggest goals for GROW? 

We want to work to strengthen our commitment to the partner organization (Set Her Free) by finding out which aspects they need the most help with and then figuring out how best to help them while we’re abroad and while we’re back in the US.

Grace Petr, Media

GWU Class of 2018 — B.S. in Public Health


Why did you want to go on GROW? 

I wanted to go on GROW for a few reasons. First, I was interested in learning more about the day-to-day operations at our partner organization, Set Her Free.  I wanted to meet the staff and the beneficiaries of SHF.  Moreover, I would like to work in development in the future, and the GROW internship is a great opportunity to attain some experience in the field as an undergraduate student.

What are you most excited for on GROW?

I am most excited to be immersed in Uganda’s culture.  I have never been to Uganda, and I am looking forward to experiencing the way of life in Kampala.  Understanding the culture will help us achieve a better understanding of our beneficiary’s experiences.

What are your team’s biggest goals for GROW?

My team’s biggest goals are to evaluate SHF’s tailoring shop and to decide whether to continue with that project, or to start a new one.  We would also like to collect information about SHF staff and beneficiaries that we can share with our chapter on return to GW.

Rachel Metz, Research

GWU Class of 2018 – B.S. in Public Health and B.A. in International Affairs


Why did you want to go on GROW? 

When joining GlobeMed, the scope of the program and our multi-year commitment connected with my personal beliefs and career goals in working to improve global health equity and making a meaningful difference in the lives of our partner communities. As a GROW intern, I want to gain a better understanding of the work of SHF, to build upon our partnership, and to further expand community-based change. Through GROW, we are able to circumvent transitioning into a traditional donor-recipient relationship by working together directly with reflective conversation and analysis.

What are you most excited for on GROW? 

I am most excited to meet the staff and beneficiaries at the center. While we Skype with them periodically throughout the year and receive regular updates, it’s more impactful seeing the daily behind-the-scenes work, seeing the programs being taught firsthand, and seeing the girls grow and learn. Working with our partner on the ground empowering young girls to break the cycle of poverty and to lead self-determined lives reaffirms our chapter’s connection and commitment.

What are your team’s biggest goals for GROW?

Through GROW, I hope to build meaningful connections with my GROW team, SHF staff, and the Kampala community. I believe that a crucial aspect of a successful global health initiative comes from forming close community ties and understanding their specific cultural context and social norms. GROW will increase my operational understanding of the logistics and actions undertaken daily for the operational success of SHF, as well as the planning, logistics, and responsibilities involved in a global health program development, monitoring, and evaluation. The operations specific to Kampala, specific to Uganda, specific to Africa, and specific to a global health project around the world will increase my understanding and skills in tailoring an approach and some of the logistics of a nonprofit organization, specifically in the context of women’s empowerment. I hope to gain insight understanding how access to health and its meaning differs around the world for different social groups and dynamics.

Shannon Forsythe, Communications

GWU Class of 2019 – B.A. in International Affairs


Why did you want to go on GROW? 

I wanted to go on GROW because I wanted to see how are partner organization operates. During the year, we learn about our partner organization but it always feels far away. I wanted to learn about what our partner does everyday and get to know the staff.

What are you most excited for on GROW? 

I’m most excited for the trip to Rakai to see how the re-usable sanitary pad program that GlobeMed first started in 2014 has developed.

What are your team’s biggest goals for GROW? 

Our biggest goal is to improve our chapter’s membership’s connection with our partner organization so that we can increase attendance at fundraising events.

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