Internet connection is on and off in Shirati, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet. However, we will be vlogging throughout the summer! Once the first vlog finally uploads to YouTube, we’ll send out the link to our channel. For now, I’m going to avoid uploading media to prevent our internet connection from slowing anymore.

Okay, link to the first vlog! Youtube is not cooperating, but here’s the Dropbox link.

Alexa Campbell

Class of 2018

Biology and Global Health

#whyGROW: To build a relationship with our new partner while also spending my time doing things in a field that I love and that I see myself working in for the future. I hope to work as a doctor in the area of global health.

Most Excited For: I’m very excited to see how doctors and other people at SHED contribute to the overall health of the community. I want to get to know and experience the local community of Shirati, working with kids at the primary schools.

Judy Riviere

Class of 2018

Theater Studies and Global Health

#whyGROW: To better understand our partner (SHED) and GlobeMed at Duke vision, highlighting the importance of our work. GlobeMed is something that I feel very connected to, having been an active member for the first half of my undergraduate career. This experience will benefit both me and our partner, and I hope that it’ll have a long-lasting impact on both ends.

Most Excited For: I’d like to connect the faces and personalities to the names we’ve been talking about, collecting the stories of Shirati. As a theater studies major, I’m looking forward to experimenting with different ways to convey the stories back to the chapter and beyond Shirati.

Jackie Xu

Class of 2019

????? (will probably be more clear on this after the GROW trip…)

#whyGROW: To learn how global health fieldwork happens on the ground level, helping me inform my decisions about future career choices. And, most importantly, to meet the people who make SHED the amazing organization it is, and to learn about the community of Shirati.

Most Excited For: To finally meet Dr. Esther, the woman who started it all, and who I’ve had the privilege of speaking to over Skype for the past year. To see how GlobeMed at Duke has had an impact on the community with our funds so far.

Biggest Team Goals: To build a lasting, strong relationship with SHED, as an introduction the GlobeMed-SHED partnership. To learn the expectations of GlobeMed for SHED and of SHED for GlobeMed, and working to figure out how we can fit into the Shirati community.

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